Game crashing during loading of gang

I can’t load my 5000 rated gange with 4xlevel 10 characters in

Not impressed


i just had this happen to my Goliath Gang with 2 level X crews and the current crew all level IX saving xps so they can use their +MaxStats at level X. This on PC.

None of my save files are loading, so the game is unplayable for me at the moment. Im playing on ps4 and the bug occured after i finished the first operation. I can’t even create a new gang. Everytime I try, it only loads to 50 percent and it goes back to the start menu. By the way my story progress is gone too. I kind of wish, I got my money back for this one ...


I’m on PS4 as well. I don’t even have the option of load gang despite the save file showing on the ps4. So patch didn’t work then.