Shifting gears kinda sucks..

Edit: I do realise that this isn't an issue with the Pts particularly, but as the issue does exist in the PTS as well i thought i might aswell bring this up here as an improvement suggestion.. If this doesn't belong here, feel free to say so/remove this topic

So, is there any chance of getting a better system for shifting gears..? The shifter pattern isn't too bad IMO but the issue is that the further away your mouse cursor gets from the shifter, the more pain in the a** it is to shift gears succesfully! This wouldn't be a problem if the cursor didn't move anywhere when shifting but it does.. It moves every_single_time when changing gears, and god help you if you get to a spot where you need to keep shifting a lot (getting stuck, tight spaces etc...) So i was just wondering if there was any way to improve this, prevent the cursor from moving away from shifter when shifting..?

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you can map the gears to your numpad. works well for me.

With a mouse the new shifter is a downgrade compared to what we had in MudRunner. It's way slower to operate and unreliable due to movement not being linear. I assigned Auto and High to thumb buttons on the mouse and Low and Reverse to 2 buttons under the scroll. Thanks to that I only have to use the shifter for L+ and L-

Unexpected benefit to this is that clicking Auto at the right moment forces the gearbox to upshift faster and also makes it downshift properly (to a gear below instead of 1st - as it should).

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Yeah, i've also mapped the gears to my numpad, it helps a lot now that i'm starting to get used to it... though i don't think the same problem was present in mudrunner, i'm not sure if it was better because of the different pattern or if it just worked better otherwise