First off, there are several things that I miss from the previous Insurgency game that's better and could be included in this game. Second of all, modding models, textures, and sounds should be a possibility. It makes sense to not allow that for PvP due to people abusing it, but it could be okay for Co-op, which made Insurgency 2014 so fun.

  • Loading Grip should be replaced with something else
    Loading a gun faster with a grip makes no sense. A grip should give you better control of the weapon of your choice.
    This could be replaced with a quickdraw magazine for Security, or 2 magazines taped together for Insurgents, for example, and other guns where faster reloading is a possible option. I'm aware it requires reanimating the guns.
    If that's too much work, just turn up the reloading speed, and don't include the grip.

  • Quick Draw Grip should be replaced with a sling
    You can't draw your gun faster with a grip, either. Equipping your weapon from your shoulder with a sling attached to it is the only possible way to quickly draw larger weapons.

  • Aiming Grip should be replaced with an angled grip
    These are designed with human physiology in mind, angled foregrips give you strong control of your grip. Many riflemen prefer the angled foregrip for its enhanced control provided in rapid-fire situations.

  • Include steam avatars on the endgame screen
    Steam profiles at the endgame screen were a nice touch and I would like it to appear in this game, too. It could be next to your name, or next to the MVP texts

  • Let us save/override already made presets
    To change your preset for your cosmetics and loadout, you have to delete the current preset and make a new one, renaming it and what not, which is really inconvenient.
    Instead of doing this, the game should detect when you made a change in the preset, and saving the aforementioned preset if you are satisfied.

  • Let us change cosmetic presets between map changes
    I wish there was an option to change your cosmetics that is suitable for the map's environment and lighting conditions.

  • Change the color balance for "Tideway" and "Tell"
    These two maps have an unnatural purple/red-ish tone which looks worse than the ones you saw in the previous Insurgency game. This does not give the maps a "unique" feel, it looks like I'm playing "The Outer Worlds" which already had an ugly purple tint all around.

Tideway could use better colors like this:

Or something like this to give it a real sandstorm feel:

(These pictures wasn't made by me, all credits goes to ImTimK)

Tell could look something like this:

  • Make the AI less unfair
    They tend to abruptly shoot you through smokes and walls without any reason, which is kind of frustrating. That's all I ask for.

These are all my proposed changes that should be in the game for the sake of realism and could be beneficial for everyone.

For some extra, here are some bug reports:

  • Gas clouds are glitchy on "Low"
  • The character's hands get really bent when leaning while aiming down sights
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