Sorry it was late when i posted this. the new Yukon map is the map in question, tasks are "reservoirs" and "main block"
i know and checked BOTH maps. I know to click "said" items and map guide . I know to check all yellow pick up areas. I have done all the " basics" when you click said products the map doesn't move because there is nothing there. it does not slide to the tunnel because there is nothing on the other map either. in the case of medium pipes map centers on a warehouse that has "O" med pipes.

So I am down to my last 2 contracts
1 calls for 1 large pipe
the other is calling for 3 medium pipes of which i found 1
i don't believe you can craft pipes can you ? ( i don't see a crafting center for such a thing)
warehouses both maps NOTHING
I didn't lose or delete any loads of pipe
I even reset one of them and hauled all that crap again. still no Large pipe.
Is it Hidden?
Is it a BUG ?
anybody else past this and can tell me where they found there's ?
Is there some trick to convincing wearhouse to restock?
only thing i Have not done is inspect the yards of the scattered houses or check out the train wreck.
any insight would be appreciated