If you're skilled, you dont get rewarded.

Seriously... Its frustrating......
Lets say i have a domination game with a friend. The game lasting for 11 minutes.
My score: Captures: 9 - Kills 24 - Deaths 11 TOTAL POINTS: 1600 points
My friends score: Captures 2 - Kills 6 - Deaths 12 TOTAL POINTS: 540 points

I get rewarded 4750 XP
He gets 4575 XP

The system is build on playtime. The longer you play the more XP you get.
Not, the better you play, and the more points you have.
Its frustrating, and kills the vibe.

What do you guys think?

Since XP-gain is only about gaining a level and unlocking cosmetic items, that both have nothing do with the gameplay itself, I don't feel like that is an issue at all. Rewarding the pure playtime is okay, especially if you look at how small the playerbase is.
They should really focus on things that are way more important like getting rid of bugs and glitches and polish the game further over all.

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I think the bulk of the XP should come from time played, this way less skilled players don't end up with ridiculously long progression. That said, I do agree that playing well isn't being rewarded at all right now and I do wish they would change that. It wouldn't have to be something massive, maybe 75-100xp per objective and perhaps 15-20 xp per kill. This way you at least get something for your efforts.

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Yup. And it's a good thing.

There is no way you could justify beginners and not-so-good players to deserve less cosmetic options, nor good players/veterans swimming in credits. XP only serves one purpose : giving you access to cosmetics. You have to support the game to earn them. And playing the game is supporting the game, even if you're not that good of a player.

add TOTAL POINTS: frome the game end to XP