Time for a class action law case?

I am fed up of waiting for a product I purchased to be functional, such a basic concept as getting what you paid for should not have to be a concern. As I preordered this game, showing some faith in the developers, I was unable to get a refund via Xbox due to the time period. It seems that those with the latest patch still can’t play the game and Focus as stated in their post have no plans to refund customers who have clearly been scammed. I did not constant to be a beta tester, if you wish that I expect you to honour my hourly charge out rate.

Is it time to consider class action for all those fed up with being treated like this and to stop future developers releasing unfinished products for full price. Oh, an let’s not forget the continued advertisement (which neglects to mention any issues) and continued selling of this unfinished product despite now open acknowledgement of the numerous issues.

I don't know if Trolls what I would call him.

Honestly at this point if there was something legal that came out of this I'd be on board.

They knowingly sold a broken game or didn't care to find out, this type of anti consumer behavior is rife within the gaming publishing community and it would be amazing to see legal action finally taken against these types of nonsense schemes that leave consumers with essentially an expensive paperweight....actually NOT even that, at least the paperweight would be useful at this point.

It'll never happen though, they know it and that's why this garbage happens, nothing new, never will go away because $.

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