A couple of more bugs

getting a crash dump report the last 2 times when i exit out the game.

yellow border at trigger points occasionally disappear , exit game go back in re appears ( and works !) but not when yellow border is gone

Game sometimes wont acknowledge cabin placement

yukon maps entry gate between the 2 maps up in the snow. Trailer spawns in across the crossing arm 3 out of 3 times when pulling a trailer .

leave items in crafting wearhouse Exit Game come back they are gone.

since 10.2 I haven't had a single explosion. until today. That giant gas thing you have to haul i backed up to it and it exploded and look like a bad Andy Warhol painting across the sky. Reset and it worked fine . ! large pipe never showed however. before or after "reset task"

This I am not sure if it is a bug or not. No large pipe , only 1 of 3 medium pipes i need to complete last 2 contracts. wearhouse both maps empty . not a craftable item right ? reset 1 task didn't help.

Game is getting better i Played like 12 straight hours

@barefootbob said in A couple of more bugs:

leave items in crafting wearhouse Exit Game come back they are gone.

Same here, but to the other side. Limited Cargo at the store/warehouse is refilled after leaving game.

Small blemish:
If you switch from "Big Salmon Peak" through the portal to "Flooted Foothills" (on both portals), the film that is running (the camera trip) points in the wrong direction. In other words, you don't get to see the landscape from the portal as usual, but only a pan across the portal region.

There must be a portal glitch too. Took an Azov with 2 lots of bricks on the back and 4 more on the flatbed. Came through the portal from Flooded Foothills only to see truck and trailer upended and load scattered across roadside.
The second incident similar to previous with truck and load toppled over and load scattered. Both occasions required a vehicle with crane to rectify.
Also, have no idea as to where to craft the 2 large pipes required for first task in Big Salmon Peak.
Any ideas!!

Ok, worked it out. 4 metal rolls are required to craft 1 large pipe at the Cargo Storehouse.
Similar system to crafting cabins in Flooded Foothills, you have to take the raw material to the storehouse.