Reinvigorating old mines - unloading cabins

Hi all, I can't get how to finish the part of "Reinvigorating..." where the task is to deliver 2 cabins to Cabin Zone 2.
What am I missing, I thought one should unload them with the Caterpillar TH357 as shown in the image?

vlcsnap-2020-10-15-unloading cabins.jpg

(version 10.2 - KSIVA: p:eb5a0)

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I'd really like to know how that is supposed to work as well.

I imagine that there is a delivery trigger field missing on the ground so that you can unload them via the unload menu. According to everything I have seen so far you never need to use a crane for something more than twice (example: armored cars on Imandra) so there probably should be an option of delivering the cabins without using a crane.