Storehouse refill Container -> endless available (Big Salmon Peak) (10.2)

The storehouse at Big Salmons Peak says at my visit 1 container is available, I load the container at my trailer...

Container 1.jpg

Storehouse says 0 container available.
After leaving to an onter map, or to menu (I leave to menue for this example), the storehouse container is available again:

Container 2.jpg

I put him again on my trailer and left to menu and start procedure again:

Container 3.jpg

And Container 3 is available... looks endless going on.

Seems like in my other thread
storehouses don't save the cargos right after leaving/changing map/game

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I tested this with the "Warehouse at the Mountain" too, after I opened it.

There where 10 metall rolls available
I load 2 on my truck
Warehouse says 8 metall rolls available
leaving the game and continue
I go to the warehouse and the metall rolls filled up to 10 again (+2 at my truck)

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