PTS 10.2 got unstable af <SOLVED>

Since today I have the biggest problems with PTS. I can't load savegames, can't start custom scenarios and even the main menu crashes randomly, causing the game not to freeze entirely but the menu doesn't react anymore, mouse doesn't move and only Alt+F4 helps.

I checked the game files, deleted all mods, unsubscribed etc. That helped a little bit, I could load one of my wip maps from the editor but even ingame I had a wired doubled HUD and wrong HUDs like the damage HUD.
I can not load any of my wip region mods, I can select my mods, can select a slot to start but nothing happens.

That's a huge problem, under these conditions I can't work on my maps to upgrade them to the upcoming v.10 using PTS.

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I've seen something similar, it's more like the saving bug in many games where there is a freeze, then a save, then it goes on again.

A couple of days ago I was experiencing game crashes.

Hello @DerEggen
Try to reinstall the game.
If the issue is still there - send us your send us your DxDiag file.

To get it, display the Run dialog using Windows+R, type dxdiag and tap OK. Then, you could save your dxdiag as .txt file.
Also attach your crashdump.dmp, here is the path: C:\users*username*\AppData\Local\Saber\CrashDump.dmp

Solved: it's a bug with maps using loading zones. Deleting those zones is currently the only option to prevent crashes.

Totally concure with this assesment!

Good that you mention this, i added a contract to build a wood bridge in my wip map in the (non PTS) editor. When i add a "alternate unloading zone" the map flat out does not load at all, no error nothing it just stuck at loading.
I only can have 1 unloading zone, at least that was what i narrowed it down to in my case, i have the same contract with only unloading zone defined, no additional one, and the same contract works flawless and the map loads normal after i removed the additional zone.

I have these exact same issues on PTS when attempting to load mod maps, unable click on the slot, rewrite a new slot. I did a experiment to disable all the mods and it didn't change. The weird thing is it was working fine until a couple days ago. The only map I've tried that led to this problem is Canadian runner.

Issue seems to be solved with 10.3. Game doesn´t freeze anymore when loading moded maps with loading zones.