I experienced this bug in the CTE as well, but the feedback reporting feature never worked for me, it always threw an error and asked me to try again.

The mouse sensitivity seems to have gone WAY up, on v1.7.1 I had it set perfectly, but on the CTE and now on 1.8 I had to change my DPI from 600 to 400, lower my in-game global sensitivity, raise my scoped sensitivity, and even then it feels like there is some kind of inconsistent acceleration.

After completely reinstalling the game, tweaking those settings again, it seems to be usable again. But it's still ever so slightly off, a big enough difference that I still overshoot sometimes, and undershoot other times.

Nothing about my setup has changed, I was and still am using a Logitech G502 mouse, GTX 1070, and G-Sync.