Screenshot of problem:

This happens on every map, weapon is a SKS (to be honest I don't use this scope on much other guns, but can try if it'll help).

I'm on version (Net 119754), Graphics card is GTX1080TI, never had this issue before this version (I didn't get a chance to play 1.8 without hotfix so I can't tell you if this is a 1.8 or 1.8 hotfix 1 issue for me).

I thought this might be a config issue on my end (as the game install is quite old and I suspected the config wasn't quite right because changing the Scope-Setting to Normal also changed quite a few other things - like the config hadn't been updated to match the game until that point) so I deleted every file in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient and let game recreate them, but problem still happens with everything on default (apart from Scope-Setting obviously).