choosing chem synth throws null nade?

PS4 1.1 upgrade. Anybody else using chem synth and it throwing null nade? Seen this 3 times now with a new Orlock gang so gotta believe it's not user error. Removes everything I did 1st 4 turns and very low healing for entire match.

Also the continuous autosave bug and losing max stats to me are worse bugs than the ones before the patch. Replaying the entire match vs crash/restart turn is so disheartening, have to switch gangs and try something else. Almost impossible to upgrade leader w/o losing max stats. Gonna stay at level 6 until I have points to buy every regular and max stats all at once lol. At least other classes I can hoard xp and find a place for 3 points, very hard with 6 each level.

I'd delete and re download original game but have data caps and will cost me $10 lol. Maybe after my cap resets...

Edit: recorded 4th and was fine. I'll have to keep recording

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Today, one of them threw a trap like a grenade😂

first time after several hours of playtime , but seems to be another recurring bug..

When AI throw grenades almost always it only hits 1 person in my group even though clearly should hit more. Sometimes multiple. Their chem synth also doesn't affect enemy gangers when mixed in the area, but mine seem to buff enemies. Maybe it's bypassing some checks to improve calculation time?

Enemy AI seems like it was trained in 1v1 battles maybe? Haven't paid attention but does single AI ever attack gangers from multiple teams in one turn? Does it choose who to attack at beginning of its turn then consider other teams as background at that point?

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