I need help !!

so i did the first half of "reinvigorating the old mine contract" it would not unlock to 2nd part.
I mentioned this and i was told they are still working on things.
so i am reading the header and it says it wants 2 cabins to the #2 facility.
Does this need to be done?
there is no activation and i cannot find these cabins ( I am assuming they mean the sliding cabins from Kovd? )
or is there something still bugged ? I went through so many bugs reporting and such i cannot tell a challenge from a bug !
not complaining just really need a little help here.
Is it in the crafting center? to many variables please help

I think, these are the cabins (you must craft them):
SnowRunner Cabin.jpg

and it has something to do with this places:
SnowRunner Hütten.jpg

Idk, but the 2nd parts of the Main contracts are not starting too for me and other.

See here:

believe it or not i figure it out this morning yesterday the trigger at the forklift training area never showed the cabin. this morning i went to use forklift and the fuel is missing . so i went to that crafting trigger for shits and giggles and there is the damn cabins. that weren't offered or showing yesterday. WTF !

here is another kick in the nutz it would show the cabin but not what it needed to craft it. so i took an 8 slot of everything stuffed in that wearhouse and FINALY it showed 2 wood 1 cargo. that's what i meant it is hard to tell a bug from a challenge .

i still have one more to craft then we will see if it will unlock the second half of " reinvigorating old mines"

Try it, I gave it up for the time being because of the "Belt Section 3", because there is not really a task anymore on the screen and the symbols show different things from map to in-game.

I get only this:
Only this.jpg

@Fratzegeballer lol i am in the same boat i was going to ask you what were you doing with all of those cabins? I made and unloaded 2. i did the stupid telehandler thing. it worked this time ( yay_ ) so i thought ok maybe that triggers the telehandler , unloaded and reloaded my cabins aaaaaaand nope !

I really wish sploosh would say something like " we know were fixing it" or no you guessed it wrong. with no instruction you are supposed to define a " figure it out " challenge from a " glitch" very frustrating

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@esorokin said in belt line missions not completing (pts 10 new map):

no need to send any details now, missions set up is in progress and this particular problem is a known issue

It's a known problem since 10.0... let's hope for a fix in 10.2 ...

@Fratzegeballer Ya-butt what am i supposed to do with all these cabins in the mean time LMAO !