playable alternatives to necromunda

give me some games with a similar motive, all systems (but working ones only)

obviously XCOM
I also liked Mutant Year One

what else is there?

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

has (for me) no long-term motivation since singleplayer , but is quite fun and I do not regret the 40€


Have you tried Wasteland 3??

It's a pretty fun game, it has its bugs but I have a lot of fun with it and if you have Xbox it's on Gamepass currently.

It's closer to old school Fallout 1 & 2, which are also amazing turn based strategy games.


i tried part 2 and was not sold. i rather shoot people instead of animals 🙂

You could try the Valkyria Chronicles series, I'm quite fond of them. It has an anime style, so if that isn't your thing...
Battletech is a good one if you like giant mechs
Phoenix Point. Man, I want to recommend this, but I will say buy it on sale.
Othercide is a hardcore roguelite "Xcom" game. I love it, but I can see how it would be rage-inducing.
Fort Triumph is a good try for a fantasy version. get used to hitting people with terrain, though.
Last one: Phantom Doctrine. Cold War era, launched in an unfortunate state, BUT has improved appreciably over time. Again, maybe wait for a sale
Hope this helps, strategy and tactics games are some of my favorites