Character Customization bug

I made sure to restart my game, joined a game, and did everything I could to make sure it wasn't just me but It seems in customization the equipment tab for both insurgents and security when you try to select a camouflage for the light backpack or the heavy backpack they change the camouflage for the vest instead

[Deleted old screenshot link as it was irrelevant]

Looked into it a little more, seems like selecting either the heavy backpack or the light backpack will show the camouflages you have unlocked for those backpacks, but when you try to select a camouflage for the backpack it selects everything in the equipment tab and only changes the vest.

Link to bug screenshot, too large to upload.

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I've been experiencing this bug since the CTE was up, and I just noticed another bug related to backpacks.

If you have the urban warden headgear & put a backpack on, it will stop adjusting itself to the thickness of your vest and clip through the vest, even if you don't have one on.

Without the backpack, it automatically adjusts itself.
As soon as you add a backpack, it's back to clipping.

Yep, same here ! I can't change the light backpack camo 😢