PTS Update 09/10/2020 (Update 10.1)

Hello Runners!

We've been looking at your feedback and we're back with a long list of fixes and changes for Patch 10. Thanks for sharing your bug reports with us!

Patch Notes


  • Continued set up for new on-map upgrades
  • Customization camera set up for Caterpillar TH357 and Caterpillar 770G
  • Ranch and Dreamcatcher pendants have correctly been assigned as DLC.
  • Fixed a bug where the winch did not attach properly to a cistern trailer
  • Fixed a bug where a player was able to complete the Loading Operation Training task without loading cargo on a platform
  • Fixed a bug where if after completing the Working stiff objective and player sold the Caterpillar 745C it was no longer available in the store
  • Fixed a bug where a guest player was unable to track a task due to false rank restriction
  • Added a number of fixes for the incorrect position of wheels when loading save from live build that resulted in trucks/trailers being broken on a first launch of the PTS build


  • Fixed a bug where the garage icon moved with a camera on a minimap
  • Improved hitboxes in Cargo Storehouse and Loading Cargo menus
  • Fixed a bug where a cargo preview was displayed on a free trailer or addon cell even after one single available cargo has been packed from the Storehouse menu in the Yukon region
  • Removed the red stripe in the Cargo Storehouse menu
  • Fixed a bug where the left arrow in the cargo loading menu was missing if it was opened first time after loading into the game
  • Fixed a bug where the order of displaying stages of a regional contract on a map did not correspond with information on a HUD
  • Correctly added DLC label to International Loadstar 1700 skin
  • Added reward icons for Trouble With Towers and Snowbound Valley trials
  • Fixed a bug where the empty unloading area was marked as an objective on the minimap
  • Fixed a bug where icons from used loading zones did not disappear from the minimap
  • Fixed a bug where the control point's icon disappeared after a restart of the Long Ride contest
  • Fixed a bug where the minimap did not target delivery point for Arrogance objective
  • Added Crane is recommended advice for Support the Meteorologists objective
  • Fixed destination point name in Snowbound Valley trial

Mod Browser

  • Removed focus search button from the PC version of the browser
  • Set popular today filter as a default one
  • Added show enabled filter
  • Added ability to scroll pages with mouse wheel


  • Tweaked left mirror set up for Caterpillar TH357
  • Tweaked width of wheelbase for Cat 770G
  • Removed cargo slots from Cat 770G special semi-trailer
    Cat TH357 and Cat 770G now have proper icons on the minimap
  • Added additional sounds for Cat TH357 telehandler operations
  • Model of the Heavy Rock semitrailer is now displayed on the minimap
  • Added lights to Tayga 6436 lattice bumper
  • Fixed a bug where the license plate on the lattice bumper of Tayga 6436 was blank
  • Added proper textures to wheel chocks (slip stoppers)


  • Objectives set up for Big Salmon Peak
  • Ongoing art and gameplay fixes for Flooded Foothills
  • Fixed a bug when truck wheels passed through the bridge model on the Flooded Foothills
  • Removed winch points from decoration cargos in Storehouse on the Flooded Foothills
  • Added collision for Tuloma and Kandra Battery Canon on Imandra.
  • The fence around the aerodrome on Imandra is now displayed on the minimap
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to finish the Order Master Supreme contract in Alaska
  • Fixed a bug where the collision model of the gold mine building did not correspond to its visual model at Flooded Foothills map
  • Fixed a bug where part of the water puddle surface was missing in the Trouble with towers trial
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Wow nice that really rebuilds confidence.

Thanks guys was waiting for this before I have a go keep up the awesome work

Great job, thank you!
But here is the question - how to get all flying trailers back to earth? )))


One flying truck did crash to the ground and was recovered. No trailer recovery so far. The game with mods.

Hmm... my flying trailers are all resetted.

@gbeeTen said in PTS Update 09/10/2020 (Update 10.1):

No trailer recovery so far.

Same thing - still flying around. Furtunately you may reset tralers/trucks related to mission task by restarting mission.

There they are. A few more around the map, but all of them are ingame trailers (I mean they were on map when I came there). They flew away when came closer to them.

Anybody else missing dev. tools since recent patches?

@vesenny are you using save from LIVE build or from 10.0 PTS?

@vesenny I used the prototype and scanned the area and they drop out of the sky


Please add some option to settings hide this legend for good. It always come back when i use the crane with my steering wheel. It is one of the buttons to move crane (arrow up) also hide the image "show legend" as seen in the picture.

I still have trailers floating everywhere. on all the other maps. they removed the floating trailers and non floating trailers on the yukon maps. they took all the trailers. problem is i paid for the trailers that was a bit expensive,

How do we get the rest of trailers on the other maps out of the sky ?

@barefootbob said in PTS Update 09/10/2020 (Update 10.1):

they took all the trailers. problem is i paid for the trailers that was a bit expensive,

That may be, but if you have already brought the two Carerpillars into the garage, then you have two new ones standing there again and they are worth almost 300,000.

@Jone83 that is a great idea I did nt quite get way its there

@Fratzegeballer said in PTS Update 09/10/2020 (Update 10.1):

they took all the trailers. problem is i paid for the trailers that was a bit expensive,

I did not know that, however, I am not seeing [I Think] any floating trailers now ~ but they do seem to be gone ~

My mind at this stage is so muddled I think I'm drinking.

@Fratzegeballer o i agree , However i did the tasks on second map for free you start adding things up and i really didn't get anywhere. they had no monetary rewards set up on second map tasks. plus those trailers. its still . not that big of a deal i participated to help find bugs ect. and i don't think im hurting for cash. and they left me with yet another cat. so now i ended up with a total of 3 which i sold all of them but 1 , just in case there is a task for it. but i also had 200k in forklifts explode and dissapear , lol i dunno if they replaced them

WOW! This is the worst update so far. I have lost many trucks that were on the map before the update, all gone. And many missions have been reset as well. Is there something I can do?

I had a trailer full of concrete slabs ready to be delivered to the gold mine deleted by this update. With resources being finite on these new maps how am I supposed to complete this mission now they have been deleted, along with the trailer, by the update!?

Any ideas welcome as it was the last thing I needed and don’t want to restart the whole mission!

@Jellyfoosh Игра сноу рунер= нет проверки сетевого подключения .не могу войти в онлайн игру !!!