Console patch ETA?

The PC patch went live last Thursday and the console patch was due later the next week (this week).

I'm hoping today is the day?

PS4 update released today, Oct 8.

I'm on xbox so hopefully both going live same time.

Hey @CalebB

The Ps4 update went live on October 8. The certification process for Xbox is taking longer than expected, but the update will arrive asap for Xbox players.

11pm on a Friday, do you know where your patch is?

Not on Xbox apparently.

Sunday morning and still no patch on Xbox, another failed promise.

Clearly this patch has to jump more hoops to get released than the game did...

Judging by what I have read on the Steam forums, even after the patch it is still gonna be unplayable. If I could get my money back I would. This one will just have to go on the back burner for a few months. Maybe by Christmas the game might be playable.

Good luck having a decent PvP crowd if everyone has abandoned your game before it is even 2 months old.

Oh the online scene will be minimal at best, possibly even dead by then.

Unless they really pump out patches and essentially rework what seems to be the entire game, give out some free DLC to garner some goodwill and possibly bring some curious players back, I can't see there being any point to online.

It's super unfortunate because they really had potential here, like between the game breaking bugs and lately the inability to do anything without an infinite save forcing me to close the game, the games actually fun


is anyone gonna play anything else then cyberpunk by that time?

i wanted necromunda for the waiting time. man, was stupid to buy this here.


Yeah man I agree.

I think that's in part why Necromunda was released in this state, they knew they couldn't compete with the larger triple A releases coming out, like Cyberpunk, and pushed this mess out to make their money before fading into obscurity.

I fail to see any long term care for Necromunda unfortunately, it's been such a catastrophic failure I don't even know how they'd begin to bring back any players. I believe that this game will receive the minimal work it needs to be mostly functional and then any work will be dropped for their future games.

My reason for this belief? They clearly released this game as a cash grab, it makes zero sense why they would release it in this state otherwise, this sort of greed won't allow them to sink money into a low return investment like Necromunda.

Maybe if they talked to us these sort of thoughts wouldn't exist but, ya know, zero communication usually means people theorizing, probably why they should talk to us, but what do I know right?


My belief, too. And for real, why wouldn't I we come to this conclusion? This community isn't managed, is it? A community manager could do this, perhaps. but only if anyone would care and that's the fucking point.

My belief is also, they knew this game was crap (how could any game tester miss this it), the sold it anyway and just want us to shut up about it already. They want to frustrate us to the point, that we move on. This is what being pickpocketed must feel like.

This fucking first patch is probably just a leftover of a half-ass day 1 patch. Never have I seen such a pile of shit in my days as a gamer. No man's sky was at least playable, the devs took the hit and delivered free content in the aftermath. AND COMMUNICATED

but with rogue factor, it looks like they don't even work anymore. Like not being employed anymore, I mean. And focus tries to squeeze whatever money out of this software-ruin.
fucking locust-mentality, take take take hush hush and never give back.

I am really pissed and I don't believe, this game will become anything close to good. I really wanted this to be at least as good as mordheim, a similar game by the same developers 5 years prior. what did they do in these 5 years? the fucked up what they already had in the box. I only wanted three games this year, this being one of them. And to see that it is actually such a failure is really sad.


Yeah man I get your frustrations, it's a real kick to the face.

I can't believe how they managed to mess this up, it's next level man. As you said they ALREADY made a game this style and somehow managed to make a WORSE version of a 5( going off you saying 5 years) year old game, it's unbelievable, it's such a massive middle finger to Mordheim fans looking for another game like it, it's an insult to Warhammer 40k and it's fans.

The example of No Man's Sky is a good one, it's basically what Focus needs to do to gain ANY respect back.

Until I see Necromunda fixed and playable, I'm never paying for a game again with Focus Interactives name on it.

Still waiting on xbox update and my file corrupted last night so I'm planning to leave it for a few months. Come back and see if playable. Can't keep fighting the game (constant crashes), objectives not spawning, gatling frenzy changing to barrage, stupid AI, death from above not working, etc etc etc.

More gangs would be nice too. 3 regular pretty samey and a 4 way fight have to fight own factions as not enough content. Faction specific weapons. More environmental hazards. Story within ops (not a 15 mission tutorial) like Mordheim would be nice. Fingers crossed I'll come back end of year and it will all be good plus new content. If not. Bin it and move on. Got a few good hours out of it when it worked. Shame. I was really looking forward to this and enjoyed it when it worked

that is what i'm talking about.

people give up and leave and focus is left with a fat grin.

They got our money, they're already grinning.

Games been uninstalled for me now for a little bit, I'll do the same as you and come back later, see if it's worth the space on my Xbox to play again.