Trucks on Trailers Precautions.

Being able to secure trucks on trailers (and other trucks) is a great idea, but it still needs some work. If you turn over your trailer (or truck) that is carrying a vehicle, then your in for some hard work. The vehicles will fall off and the wheel chocks will not vanish. And at that point you cannot enter or use the vehicle.

There is a fix.

Crane the vehicle back onto the trailer and you can get the "Unpack Truck" to show back up. Until then the vehicle is unusable at all and will be stuck where it fell.

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you may just pull the vihicle by the winch to the ramp (one pair of whees is good enough) and unpack it. No need to put back fully.

But if you fall your vehicle off a truck that doesn't have a ramp, it won't work.

I mean, if you are somwhere at the wilderness, and you have no trailer to pull the vehicle onto a ramp.
For example, I put the scout 800 on the twinsteer, drive somewhere and tip my twinsteer and loose the scout... then I first need a trailer with a ramp to "reactivate" my scout... or am I wrong? Idk!

@Fratzegeballer you do need. Or you may try to put it back to tweensteer somehow. Anyway - I faced it a couple days ago and spent half an hour to put it back to the trailer in a wild to "unpack" )))
I guess every type of vehicle/trailer with "unpack" option acceptable.

I'd imagine this problem gets even bigger when transporting bigger trucks, no..? Since they don't have a winch point on the top middle of the truck like the small scouts do, a bit tricky to just lift them back up with a crane..?

We all know this is a game where you can be free to do whatever you want. So as part of testing things on a test server. I know people are going to do STUPID things in the name of fun. Why cuz its fun lol. So here is my testing scenarios.

Taking the iX Wrecker with roll back body. Load a scout truck onto the wrecker and pack it. Now take the iX Wrecker, put it on back of the TwinSteer and pack that. Now take that TwinSteer and put it on back of the 8 slot flatbed and pack that. Why cuz you can.

TwinSteer falls off, and still has chocks on the tires and is no longer usable. In the process of the TwinSteer falling off the iX Wrecker falls off and still has chocks on the tires and is not usable. And then the scout falls off with chocks still on. Fixable yes, annoying yes.

It takes dragging the scout back onto another iX Wrecker then select unpack truck. Then dragging the broken Wrecker onto a ramped trailer and unpack truck. Then dragging the TwinSteer onto a big trailer and unpack truck. It works and is fixable.

Until you try to put something on a truck or wrecker and the death spiral happens. Clip didn't take but last night on stream the wrecker and scout began the death roll and even after taking a smoke break it was still going. I finally was able to recover to the garage....

so is it solved?

do vehicles automatically unpack if dropped from the trailer after accident?