left my trucks out on the map last night ...............

i came back on this morning 3 trucks were exploded and hanging in the sky.
i got into 1 it fell back to earth hit recover - no problem
same with the second fell back to earth recovered no problem
3rd truck got in it it didnt fall to earth. i hit recover. 2 wheels showed up in the garage, went back to map and it said it was still out there got back in it recovered again 4 wheels showed up on garage floor ( mind you this was a 6x6 truck ) went back to map , it was no longer there.
good news i sold it and got full price of the truck back. and bought another.
went to flooded lands where i had mor equipment out. none were in the air but when i got into 2 of them they exploded. 1 recovered . 1 it showed it was in the garage but there was nothing there. sold the nothing, got full truck price back bought another.
the others jumped sustained huge damage but survived and recovered.

and then ..........

Awww crud the Cat TH's
got into 1 it exploded i recovered but it was an empty slot. sold it got full price
cat TH #2 exact same thing

now i have 7, 4 slot flatbed trailers where left them at the gold mine they have not exploded but there wheels are like 40' in the air if i touch them i know there going skyward. at 5k per trailer i don't dare go near them . or all that money will be gone in returns .

there is already like 4 hanging in the sky on quarry map

don't leave your trucks on the map. return your trailers immediately.
The bug is worse , not better. even if you leave a vehicle or trailer unattended for 30 min or so. the tires go up and when you touch it it will explode. when the map clicks in it renders the equipment in violently.


I ma now declaring this PTS Ver 10 unplayable. I gave it a good try, even started a new game and each time I go back ~ exactly as you describe.

@gbeeTen well remember it is a test server, that is why we report. so they can fix, and not have these problems in regular game.
I think they may have released this map a little early , as some of the contracts are not finished . and there is no money / experience gain for anything done on second map.
I agree with you it is Unplayable in our regular Snowrunner, but i keep muddling along and reporting the bugs, I am sure they will figure it out.

LOL i would HATE to be the guys trying to fix the bugs right now . It is even really to early to mention likes / dislikes about the map it is so buggy. But i think it will be bad ass once it is fixed.

exept flooded lands they really need to go back and re structure it everything is on that 1 road very repetitive. 2nd map you are all over the place i love it

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@barefootbob said in left my trucks out on the map last night ...............:

LOL i would HATE to be the guys trying to fix the bugs right now

Yup, there I am making a report one day and making a different report the next, contradiction myself ... today, my game has crashed five times ....

mine crashed once yesterday. stalled like it was going to crash 3 times. and then last night i was testing mods. and emils ctl 9000 if you click the without on any of the options it crashed the game.
like " without rear fenders" boom insta crash

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