The Galil ACE does have a last shot bolt hold open device as animated in the game - but only for the 5.56x45mm version. The 7.62mm versions do NOT have this feature, which means that the bolt locking back on an empty mag is incorrect for the ACE 52 we have in game.

I'm also confused by the 90° dual mag hold for the speed reloads. It's a real technique - I've been taught it and practiced it a little - but it's generally used when you want to retain the mag you're removing. Why would you bother trying to insert a fresh mag while still holding onto the old mag if you're just going to drop it afterwords? Save yourself the finger cramps and just rip the old mag out and then stick a new one in. It'd still be neat to see this reload style in game, but it should be for the non-speed reload with a partial mag in the gun, then you return the removed mag to a pouch rather than dropping it.