A Thought on Grips and Foregrips

So foregrips...

Personally I find a distracting disconnect between the new foregrips and their individual functions, their hands are in the same place holding a slightly different bit of plastic that is all functionally the same. What I believe may have function conveyed in a better manner is the way in which the players hands actually hold the weapon ie. Magwell hold, C-Clamp and "standard" grip.

Magwell hold
alt text
C-Clamp Hold w/ Angled Foregrip
alt text
"Standard" hold
alt text
The way in which I see it conveying a better function, while making a bit more sense, to the players would be to move along these lines:

  • Remove all the new functions for the foregrips and instead have them serve as a cosmetic alternative to the Foregrip. If you want to add functionality to the foregrips, add flashlight/laser combos (maybe even strobes?).
  • Implement a "Hold" catergory in weapon attachments with the following:
  1. Magwell hold w/ 1.75X decrease reload time, 1.35X decreased recoil control, standard time to sight.
  2. Standard hold w/ standard reload time, standard recoil control, standard time to sight.
  3. C-Clamp hold w/ 1.5X increased reload time, 1.5X increased recoil control, 1.25X decreased time to sight.
  4. Have the supply cost be 0.
    Caveat Time!!1! Obviously this isn't going to work for all weapons due to form factor (eg the Aug, Uzi, Shotguns) or is just unnecessary like being on the DMR's, Snipers, MG's. Also the multipliers are just to illustrate how I would think they would balance each other out.
  • Implement a "Foregrip Position" with "Standard" and "Forward" for the Foregip to be used with C-Clamp with "Forward" applying a X1.2 increased recoil, X1.2 increased reload time.
    alt text
  • For the Quickdraw function maybe implement slings? 2-Point Standard vs. 1-Point Quickdraw?
  • Point Shooting took me a while to figure out something but here goes: add PS as a switchable sight option as a full game mechanic (for ALL weapons). Increase the hip aim zone by say 1.25 - 1.35X, have that drop to say 0.75X when using PS w/o laser and finally keep PS as in when using the laser.

In close, I believe this would provide a far more nuanced system while providing a lot more player option in how they wish to play while being "truer" to their real world counterparts. I also strongly believe his would be greatly appreciated by firearms enthusiasts across the board, I mean after all, IS is most definately gun porn at the end of the day.


alt text

Agree. The foregrip options feel like Battlefields balancing/customization and not like they fit into insurgency.
I´d prefer if they´d function more like you´ve mentioned.

I agree with the fact that different foregrips having different effects is... peculiar, to put things lightly. It should not be the case at all. Feels arcadey. Feels like enchanted items.

Why would the C-Clamp improve reloading time, though ? You arm and hand are literally further away from the magazine than with a standard or Magwell hold... If anything, they should all have their pros and cons.

For instance :
Magwell : Great reloading time improvement / slight recoil penalty / standard ads time.
Standard : everything is standard
C-Clamp : Medium reloading time penalty / Great recoil control / slight ads time boost
Foregrip : Standard reloading time / Good recoil control / standard ads time

I did not give any numbers, since that would be subject to balancing changes anyway.
As for the slings to make weapon swaps quicker, I'm all for it. Better than the mysterious "quick holster".

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I believe you may have missed what I meant.
When I say 1.5x increased reload time I meant say you have a 2 sec standard, that is then increased to 3 sec.

@SaltyBread Oh, yeah. Yeah, I actually misunderstood that, thanks.

Interesting, good thinking! It's a good base to brainstorm upon, the grip technique indeed makes alot more sense in how it changes the weapon handling! I like it very much.

I also like like Grumf's take on it. EDIT: OP meant the same, misunderstood that aswell.

I hope the devs use this as inspiration.

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