Pinewood Express Contest (Blackriver) canceling itself

While doing the contest as soon as the timer reaches 4 minutes the contest cancels itself. Tried it so far 2 times both times same result.
Youtube Video

Also happens to me around 4 minutes or even after only a few seconds

Tried it at different daytimes, but now it always cancels after a few seconds

Hello @Jens15
Can you provide us a vid with this issue along with your KSIVA code, we will investigate.

Hello @rudeborya
This is at night starting with and without load:
And at day
Always the same result

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I have similar issue on PS4, but after 3 seconds contest cancel.

KSIVA: p7783e

Edit: After completing all tasks on the map. Time limit fails after 4 minutes.

small translate issue in CZE. "Máš časový milit." Correct word is limit.


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Also happens to me after a few seconds!