Flooded foothills mountain void

There's a big void in the top of a mountain. Behind the abandoned truck task at the lake.

@bushwacker Hello. Can you take any screenshots?

@bushwacker I think I found that same void yesterday...

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.10.03 -

@lun_wing Here is a screenshot of the hole I found, not positive, but it may be the same as what Bushwacker saw. It looks like a texture glitch in the picture, but when you pan the camera over it, it's a hole straight down. I found it trying to circle around to activate the watchtower in the northwest portion of the map (as you can see the tower in the very right hand side of the picture)

My Nephew drove his hummer into that very same hole and as I could not winch him out we used the onboard crane which as soon as I attached it to the Hummer it crashed the game 😟 🤣