Loader operator training (10.1 Fixed?)

Hello I don't know if is that I don't know how to use the loader but I'm unable to finish this task.
I activated the task, changed to the Cat loader which is marked by the magnifying glass simbol and i picked up the barrels marked by the up arrow, but it didn't show where is the drop point and is like if the game didn't detected that the barrels are on the loader and the menu didn't show any specific option for the load.
So I don't know is that a bug or it just me that don't know how to use the loader properly.


By the way a sugestion about the loader it would be interesting that the operate menu will be accesible like the menu in the crane trucks(presing "V" and then "C") instead of scroll down to select operate.
And other thing to made the loader easy to operate (and realistic too) is allow us to move the loader(fordward-backward-left-right) while the operation menu is open, so we can push the load in moving the loader and can unload easy too, and move the arm of the loader while the loader is moving.
And last maybe add a like pop up mesage with a gif on how to operate the loader, like the mensages in the begging of the game about other features(gear box, winch...)

Great work, keep it improving the game, greetings

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Or as in the XBox controller it should operate the crane function with 'X' on the pad, instead of scrolling down the GUI to select the fork function, then press 'Y'

I think 10.1 fixed the issue with that task

What I noticed with this task:
If you sit in the forklift and restart the task, the yellow frame on the ramp will not appear. But if you change from the forklift to another truck and then back to the forklift, then I got the yellow frame. Then you just mustn't forget to activate the task, otherwise you won't be able to confirm the unloading.

Maybe this helps you...

The one thing I don't understand with this task is why the CAT is equipped with the large cargo module but we have to load a small cargo for this task ?
It's making it really hard and unnatural to pick it up.