Patch 1.1 first impressions

Hey all, I had a quik game of 1.1 and I figured id share my thoughts on it.

AI acts ALOT faster, yay! However its still buggy as all hell. Saboteurs keep spamming chem sync, gangers keep getting stuck on terrain, ive seen a ganger in combat spam swap weapons till it ended its turn, and I could go on.... Still needs a lot of work, but a step in the right direction.

The game plays abit faster now which cuts down on the time that games take to finish. Its really noticable. That said ive still noticed alot of things which arent working as intended so il report those in seperate posts.

Looks good so far. Not perfect but a step in the right direction. More patches in a shorter timeframe would be appreciated!

Have the gang wipes and crashes been fixed?

I havent suffred any wipes myself but can say that I havent experienced any crashes. Even during coop with a buddy of mine, normally one or both of us would crash sooner or later but we completed 2 back to back with no problems 🙂

On the PC version (with patch), I played my first operation game, worked much better, then sat there in the post game screen with ‘Continue’ and the save icon running. No response to pressing or holding any key, or clicking on any part of the screen. Left it for 20 mins then switched it off.

One step forwards, but a long way to go.....