Will Story Mode Retroactively Give Infamy?

I posted this on the General Discussion forum, but maybe I'll have better luck of someone knowing the answer here.

So I got through 10 Chapters of story mode, as you get 3 Infamy per 5 Chapters, and getting 9 Infamy for it seems like a pretty good deal, especially considering some cosmetics are hidden behind it as well. I decided to make a Gang and play some Operations as a palate cleanser. When I go to the Infamy Screen, it does not have me as having done the Story Mode. Each Infamy Threshold says I've only done 1 mission. Chapter 5 says 1/5, Chapter 10 says 1/10, and Chapter 15 says 1/15. I clearly have the achievement for completing Chapter 10, so the game obviously recognizes that I've done it. I then looked at known issues, and Story Mode not giving Infamy is one of them.

So my question is: Will the Infamy you get for doing Story Mode be given retroactively once that is fixed? Is it based off of the achievement, so that when it's fixed the game will see the achievements are complete and give the Infamy? Or did I waste 8 hours playing through something I'll have to play through again?

I have lost over 40 points of imfamy and that pales in comparison to what some have lost here on the forums.

If its fixed I dont know but I dont think so. No mention of it in the patchnotes.