Hello all, hope the weekend finds you well!

A couple of questions for Monday Focus, if you'll answer that is 😉

Why was there denials for refunds when the game was clearly not as advertised? Is this refusal a statement to Focus' standards when it comes to consumer rights? If not, can you elaborate as to why the route of refusal was taken and subsequent silence following the games flop?

I've seen a few statements about planned future content, that makes me happy to hear but I have a few questions about what that looks like.
Since we currently don't have a working version of the game, when would you guys even begin to work on new content?
In the current state Id assume it would be impossible to work on any additional content as it wouldn't be stable going forward. It's taken what? Over a month and counting for the Xbox patch that by most accounts from out PS brothers, most likely won't fix most of the issues blocking players from playing or playing anything of substance.
With such a poor timeline as it is just getting the game to a stable version, how long could we expect before we see anything even tried out for content?

Information would go a long way right now as I can only assume you've noticed the player base dwindling and unhappy.

Some of these questions might be tough to answer but a sober answer for us is FAR better than silence.


@venerablemarine i get the impression they want our mouths to slip up so we can get silenced, Focus, we're being polite about this, please give us an answer, I'd have a hint of respect even if the answer was "we wanted to cash up and bro down whilst shelving necromunder" (which looks that way) or "we're genuinely sorry we released such a buggy game", I even thought to suss mordheim on xbox but it looks like reviews are the same.

Whats worse about this game is everything else it features is amazing.


I agree.

I feel like we're more of a nuisance to them more than anything else, why couldn't we shut up and just forget we even bought the game ;P

I also agree that there's something to this game, it's just really unfortunate poor leadership gave us the results we have currently and the game I don't think will ever recover 😞

@venerablemarine because we my good sir/madam, were not dropped as babies. That and I'm a Catachan Vietnam vet of GW BS from when i use to play table top before I learned about Australian consumer laws.

Tbh, for an Australian I'm being nicer than a Nun after she's whipped a kid with a ruler. And that's saying something.

@Lord-Pappa-Bear as I am the typical Australian that will call them cunts when I am experiencing the same fucking issues even after the "fixing patch" and am beyond waiting for what I paid.. Career con artist's the lot of them and if they ban me from the forums it goes to prove it.


Hahahaha, it's hard showing restraint when we've been so clearly ripped off.

Usually janky games are shrugged off by me but like Necromunda is just so friggin egregious I find it hard to just forget about. It just feels like a MASSIVE middle finger to the consumers and just the complete lack of communication about what the hell is going on, just adds to the fire. Like we can SEE them posting on other forums, we know you're there.

I would love to see Focus get their well deserved smack down but with how toxic the game industry has become towards consumers, I wouldn't count on it anytime soon 😞


Well guess what people let's be heard or at the very least show focus how many people are taking a stand share this far and wide.

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I see update 1.2 was announced for PC....

So uhhhhh, where's uhhhhh, where's that Xbox patch guys? At this point the "Microsoft Verification" process seems a lil shady on the excuses side...

Also, why is it taking over a month? Was the patch another mess as well???

You do understand that it's not Focus Entertainment holding back the XBox update.
That it's Microsoft through XBox doing so.

So why not complain to them?

I've tried asking them about the update through XBox Support's Twitter account.
Still waiting for reply there.
And if there's no update today, I will be complaining to someone further up the food chain.


I'm aware that it needs to clear Microsoft yes, my assumption is the quality wasn't there with this patch and that's why it's not passing verification.

Admittedly I don't know what that process looks like but with the evidence before me, the game being a mess, the communication being a mess, it stands to reason the patch probably wasn't so well done either.

@venerablemarine Are you serious???? Wtf Focus and Microsoft.


As I said, I'm not in on the whole process but it seems a little sus it's taken this long to ONLY pass verification.

With the low effort that came with the testing for actual game on consoles I think it's reasonable to suspect low effort on the patch leading to it's inability to pass verification.

My assumption is that since Focus is the publisher they most likely pushed the game before release and I assume they did it here with the patch too.

I am unwilling to focus my displeasure with this game and the work being done to it on other entities when at the end of the day Focus is responsible for the games quality and it's subsequent patches/hotfixes.

Also, many other games I have never seem to have an issue passing verification, which further makes Focus' excuses suspect and once again leads me to believe they failed to make a quality patch and Microsoft won't approve it, I'd bet it's been in a state of pong bouncing back between Focus and Microsoft as they try to get it working.

I could be wrong though but since NO ONES giving us any information...

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@venerablemarine That's why I've started complaining to XBox about it.

I sent an email to the VP in charge.
Got his address from here:

If that doesn't work I'll see if I can get the BBC onto it.


Damn brother, sounds like you're doing the good work.

I should follow suit and start a email campaign to Xbox, voice my displeasure with them for allowing a game of such poor quality being sold on their official store, without any early access warnings. Hopefully that'll transfer into pressure being put onto Focus, which is my main goal.

I'm not here to brow beat the working man/women in the company, they didn't make the decisions that allowed this atrocity to see the light, that's on their leaders, that's who I want to put pressure on. I want them to recognize what a MASSSSSSIVE fuck up this was and do EVERYTHING to rectify this to the consumers. I WANT this game to be good, when I was actually able to play it I legitimately enjoyed but at this point I can't do anything without infinite autosaves or guaranteed crashes after or during a mission, causing game to lose the progress I made... In a fucking game that progress matters.

Thank you for giving that bit of information to the community, keep at it! I hope this bears fruit for you and hopefully the community as a whole.


Just wanted to say, I followed your link and emailed the VP as well.

EVERYONE who's upset/annoyed/frustrated about this game should do the same.

Let's unite and show Focus we won't just lay down while they STEAL our money. Yes, STEAL, they advertised a product, we gave them money for it, they didn't give us the advertised product, that's stealing to me.

For anyone unaware;
Patch 1.1 is now available on XBox!

After playing for many hours and having actual fun playing the game...I ran into the corrupted save for the gang I’ve been using since September 10th.

Game just crashes every time. Restarting, loading old saves, switching to a different gang, and then trying to switch back....all fails.

I am bummed. I read the warnings, I saw the posts, I knew the end result would end up like this but still, bummed.

I won’t be back. Game was very buggy, AI is laughable. The creators didn’t even research the immense background lore..( plasma weapons should be very powerful and they are terrible.) ( Autogun is like the best ranged weapon?? Seriously?).

Too bad, the look was nice, I didn’t mind the turn method or that the missions and maps get a bit repetitive.

Not being able to play the gang I’ve spent a lot of time on is very, very disappointing.


Welcome to the party brother 😞

Thanks to the greed of some suit at Focus, we all got screwed over by a incomplete and broken game.

Focus never wanted to be innovative, they wanted to make money. There's no way in hell they didn't know this game was broken. They did this on purpose, it wasn't a mistake, it wasn't some error, it was done willingly. It's either that or a STAGGERING level of incompetence.

Never again.

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Yeah, I'm done with this, Focus has made a great rep in my books, time to talk to department of fair trade, I'd encourage all of you Aussies to do the same, I'd also advise anyone who wants to keep in touch with me to add my gamer tag that is my name.

Focus, hope to touch base with you soon, out side of a server thread.