Show us your Gangs!

How about we show each other our Gangs?

Say which house it belongs to.
The gang's name.
Member names if you want.
And post any pics you have.

Here's mine:

House Escher.
Gallow's Grim Claws.

Led by Nyx Vespertine (Deadeye), Ratel Mellivora (Heavy), Ana Kuma (Saboteur), Macha the Red (Brawler), Cyberna Mortmere (Lay-Mechanic), and Tayra Senex (new recruit).

And here's some of their photos.





Sure I'd love to show you my gangs! The ones I spent hours leveling up, gathering gear for, and customizing. Unfortunately the game corrupted my save files and they're gone forever.

@sonoferis You're in the wrong thread, in the wrong section.
You want the Technical Feedback section, or better still the thread on the forthcoming update.
Especially as it looks like you could get save files back to an uncorrupted state.

It's not good when you enter a random thread and post your complaints, as it makes it look like you're just Trolling anybody on that thread.

Good point I suppose. Perhaps if I'd have added "Your gang looks great though!" It would have more accurately conveyed my state of mind. I really love this game, and I really would have loved to show off what I had built. Tone from text.