Game freezing from sector 2 onwards.

I'm playing on Xbox one and hit a brick wall from sector two onwards. On the final mission of the sector the game crashed in game and when restarting wiped progress.
This happened 8 times. Crashed mid game, or failed to save or screen stuck in the skull loading screen that normally lasts a few seconds before switching to another back ground.

I ended up abandoning the sector. Next sector worked ok. Until last couple of games. Same issues again. I managed to clear sector only because eventually I won games automatically as no one else turned up to the match.

Next sector it freezes every time i try and set my informy. Restart and wipes progress. Back to needling to set up op and informy. Then freezes again.

Started new gang. Working fine 1st sector. Just as original gang worked fine early days.

I have had similar issue. Try taking your xbox offline before loading the game.

Ever since starting the second round of Operations I've had similar problems on XBox One.

It started with temporary freezes in missions, then it would completely freeze so many turns into a mission or when saving and exiting to menu.

I've found that saving during the second round helps circumvent the problem.
Yet the more gangs in a mission the worse it gets.

I had to restart the third set of Operations around three times before I got it to stick.

Each time it freezes I'm set back to the save right before the mission starts.
Sometimes that's the one set as the mission starts.

Exactly same for me. Running ok up till then. I"ve put my goliaths on hold for now. Started a low level Orlock gang but starting with 30 infamy means I can get some good weapons, armour and a high level ganger for head start.