Constructive feedback

Obviously crashes, save corruption and infinite hangs are at the top, but those are already being looked at. I want to list the other top gameplay issues that, when fixed, would make biggest improvements to the game. The below focus only on gameplay vs AI.

  • Al gets stuck on geo during movement.
  • AI often favors targeting other AI over player.
  • AI often not aggressive enough and hides in obscure corners.
  • After stealing gear from AI gangs in operations, those gangs no longer have gear in subsequent encounters.
  • Melee AI often disengages after attacking without any strategical benefit. Leaving them wide open for attack instead of forcing the opponent to disengage.
  • AI often leaves high ground with all gang members for no good strategical reason. Especially the long range ones.
  • AI throws grenades at itself very often.

I did not see these issues on the known issues list. So I thought Iā€™d mention them here.

I would also add:

  • humans and AI trigger traps when they deploy them most of the time. The players who deploy should be immune for the turn they drop them.
  • AI never shoot barriers or repair anything to get to goals or items
  • Overwatch sometimes shoots through barriers
  • Running up the parking ramp 3 floors directly above where you started should not be 0 MP

I will say that playing on very hard with a team around level 6 is pretty fun but challenging. Debufffs and picking up objects during rounds become a requirement or you'll end up broke and dead lol. Expect some injuries too...

Great additions! I wonder if it is valuable for the DEV team to have a list like this that gives them an overview of what the most important issues are for the player-base (again obviously stability being at the top always)

Reported all of this weeks ago, but thanks for reporting it!

Sadly, the reports seem to have no effect.

Every piece of feedback is welcome šŸ™‚
It helps us to adress the most important ones to devs. But please be aware that correcting the issues take time and we're working our best to provide a patch as soon as possible. Be sure your reports are not lost and are really helpful in order to make the game better!

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