Ok, so i have a plethora of megascan assets and foliage megascans including models (static meshes.)

The problem with this is it will take a good deal of work to downsize textures and weld vertices on meshes to optimize so that the community can play it. and then of course, to build the map...

The map will basically consist of prefabricated structures i can produce in 3ds max, with collision (i generally like to use complex collision as simple) and fully textured. the islands will basically be like sand bars populated with paths, which don't need spline paths, just boundaries to flow in a 3-4 prong approach, with the ocean around the map as possible alternate routes.

So if anyone who can work Unreal Editor (in UE4) wishes to work with a skilled modeller and texture artist, also asset manager and i can do mapping it's just all of this work alone, is a bit too time consuming.

my email is: amckeon617<At>gmail<Dot>com

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