Pit brawl was the final straw.

Seriously, back and forth punching? Real nice gameplay "feature". I like that you have to play it in pvp competition with perma injuries and hours invested in lets say a gun gang. I'm finished, your welcome for the money and the bad press.

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It's a cool idea that the AI fails at. Kind of wish it was random and also with a melee penalty version. One in ten, one in twenty games you get punished if your team is either all range or all melee. Motivate you to pack a spare weapon in your backpack in case the game mode comes up. Too bad it doesn't work like that now.

A really high reward version would also have been great, provided the AI actually brought a squad with the correct equipment. High reward and higher permanent injury chance.

Strange to hear that AI doesn't have the right equipment. I routinely loot guys with 2 guns and 3 melee weapons lol. You don't have any weapons in mission 3 bc I stole them all in mission 1 and 2. Don't need to bring the kitchen sink to every match...

I had a mission where using ranged was punished by losing like half health, is that what you're talking about? Was strange until I re-read mission details. Luckily had 2 melee with dual 1H so traded to get everyone a weapon then stole a fifth to equip the last guy.

Also had match where 1 guy couldn't use drugs or entrench but think that was due to injury recovery.

Ha! Yeah, the damage+stun on offensive range attack is it. I think it's a cool idea. I can't believe the AI ever opts for it though. I'd do a heroic barrage or a gatling storm. I wouldn't take that (like I've seen the computer do) to throw a homemade grenade on one guy 😂

In my experience so far, the AI brings its regular crew and they put away their guns on round one. I didn't realize loot stealing was permanent though. So it's possible my goliaths had just stolen all their melee backups already. Maybe that's why they were just using fists.