Hey Focus...

You're reprehensible.

This is the last time I'm ever wasting money on one of your products. Anytime someone mentions your garbage company, I'll gladly provide examples of how you release overhyped subpar products, don't support said products, abandon said products, and make no apologies whatsoever; nor do you offer recompense.

Heartily fuck you.

same here. if l'll ever read the words "focus home interactive" again, l'll give it a hard pass.

Not just focus pretty much have to read everything on it other than warhammer. Because everyone else was involved in the design process for the programming end but them.

do a websearch for focus. they appear to be highly unethical in their conduction of their businesses for a long time.

right now i believe, focus forced rogue to release the game this early, even if this meant rogue falls off in the process.

btw, did you know focus started off doing porn, according to wikipedia. but that is not bad, just a side note.

read this, if you care, i found some links.


but they don't care. theirs stocks are on the rise, especially throughout the pandemic. why would they do it any other way?
all we can do is avoid this company in the future.

Personally once i get my refund im going to go play bg3 which it should come through just in time for the bg 3 release. Because at least they wouldnt release an unfinished product. Every game on there home page has the same kind of release reviews product was released unfinished which really does say a lot i took the time to search after checking the initial posts but rogue factor doesnt exactly have positive reviews either at the moment. With the exception of Vampyr which i havent heard anything negative about but also the game kinda undersold itself. Its all advertising is where the money is going as oppose to finishing a project which a good game will sell itself. Honestly tempted to just go download unreal engine myself and build content myself with 90% of publishers now day releasing crappy products. Litterly anyone who wanted to make a game and release dlc content at intervals without using loot boxes could put most of the companies on the market out of business. With a finished product.