Loading into firing range may cause black screen

Since the in-game bug report functionality does not appear to work at the moment, I am instead posting the bug report here. Please let me know in case there's any alternative location I can use to report issues like this and I'll be happy to report this there again.

When loading into the firing range, it may happen that after the loading screen, you get a black screen. Nothing is displayed save for the custom cursor. There's no sound, no anything. Once you attempt to stop the game via Steam, the .exe file is stopped as expected, however, Steam does not recognize the CTE as having been stopped, even after a wait of multiple minutes. I'm not sure if this last part is relevant, though.

I verified the game files via Steam, however, the issue still persists.

What's interesting is that the log file contains the following three lines after the game was asked to shut down by Steam:

[2020.09.25-18.44.06:596][794]LogModuleManager: Shutting down and abandoning module HTTP (35)
[2020.09.25-18.44.06:596][794]LogHttp: Display: Http module shutting down, but needs to wait on 1 outstanding Http requests:
[2020.09.25-18.44.06:596][794]LogHttp: Display: 	verb=[POST] url=[https://analytics.sandstorm.game/prod1/datarouter/api/v1/public/data?SessionID=%7BCE9FA0E0-4A4E-1D60-85F1-A3B6CE31C3E7%7D&AppID=NewWorld.Sandstorm.Release&AppVersion=%2B%2Bsandstorm%2Bbuild-release-1.8-cte-packaged-CL-116733&UserID=51fca938-7dc3-47ca-aa53-7792de88d2f0&AppEnvironment=datacollector-binary&UploadType=eteventstream] refs=[1] status=Processing

This would appear to me as if the game wanted to send analytics data to analytics.sandstorm.game, but failed to do so until the moment the game was stopped, where the request was terminated. Whether or not this actually causes the black screen, I cannot tell.

Please find the full log file here: Insurgency.log

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I should probably also add that this had been working for me Friday last week. Since then, no changes to the game, Steam installation or hardware of my machine were made. I also do not know when exactly the issue started appearing because I did not start up the CTE in the mean time.

Looks like the CTE stopping not being recognized by Steam is unrelated to the black screen, because I can even reproduce it without ever trying to load the firing range level.

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