Free the fallen trees!


Is it possible to free the fallen trees ? 🙂

In the game, it is possible to use fallen trees as winch points for trucks (light 4x4 but also super heavy trucks). To be able to do that, the devs have “attached” the fallen trees to the ground. Maybe you noticed that, but fallen trees can’t be moved, or be lift with a crane. They can rotate around their middle section, but they cannot translate in either direction.

First of all : it is not realistic to be able to winch out a truck from a fallen tree. In my opinion, even a light 4x4 would pull the fallen tree, and not be pulled out…
Second: I would like to be able to clean a trail from the fallen trees. I am playing a mod map where you need to cross a field of fallen trees to access the logging station. It would be nice to be able to clear a path to that logging station.

So my question is: is it possible to free the fallen trees so they are not attached to the ground anymore ? Maybe it is as easy as changing a line code in a xml file ? 🙂

Thank you !

Edit: I'm not asking a change from the devs for future game updates! I'm sure some people like the possibility to use fallen trees as winch points. I'm asking if it is possible to modify one or two files for personal use only. 😉

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The new trees in the valley?

What might be similar is I changed a line in the log short a XML static/dynamic and it could either stay where I put it, or move like a log should if that's what you mean?

<?xml version="1.0"?>

-<ModelBrand DynamicModel="true" ClipCamera="false">


<Body NoSoftContacts="true" Mass="200.0" Friction="2.0" Collisions="Dynamic"/>


-<GameData LoadType="ShortLogs" LoadAddons="load_logs_short">

<LoadPoint Pos="(-1.2;0;0)"/>

<LoadPoint Pos="(1.2;0;0)"/>



That's the standard XML for it, you can see what needs changing. I did it in the original Spintires though so might have changed.

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Yes I'm talking about dead trees like the (many) ones in the Valley.
I will try to do the change tonight. Thank you for the tip!

only down side is they can no longer be used as winch points if i remember correctly.

@8up-local I think that would make the game more realistic, specially for big trucks, so it's absolutely not a problem for me

@minikeum agreed even trade, but more of a reminder for those "stuck" moments. lol

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hum I can't find the right xml to modify. What is their name and in which folder are they ?

I am talking of these two kind of fallen trees:
(yes I was trying to lift it, but it is impossible)


Okay, I think the files I need to modify are lying_fir_a and lying_spruce_a.

But I don't know what to modify or delete to unattached them from the ground... Any idea ?

Below is the code of lying_spruce_a :

<_templates Include="plants" />

		<Constraint AxisLocal="(1;0;0)" Type="UnlimitedHinge" />
		<Body _template="BushBranch" ModelFrame="Bone2_cdt">
			<Constraint _template="BushBranch" />
		<Body _template="BushBranch" ModelFrame="Bone3_cdt">
			<Constraint _template="BushBranch" />
		<Body _template="BushBranch" ModelFrame="Bone4_cdt">
			<Constraint _template="BushBranch" />
		<Body _template="BushBranch" ModelFrame="Bone5_cdt">
			<Constraint _template="BushBranch" />
<Occlusion Intensity="0.5" Size="(4.0; 10.0)" Texture="occlusion_vertical.tga" />
	<WinchSocket Pos="(-0.117; 0.055; 0.012)" ParentFrame="Bone1_cdt" />
<ChunksBreak Brands="chunks_spruce_a" Handler="LyingSpruce" Threshold="600" />


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Okay so I think I found a solution (maybe not the best). By changing the line "<Constraint AxisLocal="(1;0;0)" Type="UnlimitedHinge" />" to "<Constraint BreakOffThreshold="280" Type="Fixed" />" I got the fallen trees to move !

Example, from here :

To here :

The tree does not seem to want to rotate, as you would expect in real life, but it's a good start 🙂

If you have any better suggestion, let me know !

Edit: if you want the tree to have some kind of resistance, just increase the BreakOffTreshold. Doing that, you will be able to winch out an uaz, but not an E-7429 🙂

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hum. It works well for the spruces, but it doesnt for the firs (new trees from the dlc the valley) :


The leaves stretch, and when I disconnect the winch, the tree comes back to its original position...

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i have not looked into it yet, but a question. what xml exactly are you editing? in the "templates" folder or the "classes/plants" folder xml?

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I am editing the classes/plants folder. I did not touch the other one.

Edit: with the spruce, I was able to crane a tree, everything works fine except the claws that rotate very slowly...


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Pretty sure they changed the behavior of the "lying_spruces" asset at launch to be detached from the ground already, or shortly after launch. A lot of complaints about them effectively becoming impassable barriers in mud because they didn't have enough friction for a truck to climb over them and they were otherwise immovable. Now they move a bit, and will eventually break if you go at them hard enough, which will then allow you to climb over the remains or push them our of the way. As for the "lying_firs" the new ones I haven't messed with them much at all...

Very cool !

Possibly a future mod idea?

Youtube Video

@minikeum said in Free the fallen trees!:

hum. It works well for the spruces, but it doesnt for the firs (new trees from the dlc the valley) :

The leaves stretch, and when I disconnect the winch, the tree comes back to its original position...

That's totally weird. Because you can pick them up and move them just fine.

@joemama said in Free the fallen trees!:

Very cool !

Possibly a future mod idea?

Youtube Video

What's cool?

The being able to move lying trees or the feller buncher?

What kind of future mod idea?

Movable lying trees or the feller buncher?

Hint: The former is doable as a mod, while the latter isn't. 😉

@mudhappy I did not try to lift a fir with the crane. i only tried to move one with the winch.
When doing that, the trunk moves, but it seems the leaves stay in place and stretched. When I release the winch, the trunk comes back to its original place.
No problem with the spruce.

When you tried to lift the fir, was it possible to rotate it with the claws of the crane? I could do it with the spruce, but it was very slow.

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@mexican_420 currently in the game (without modification) , it is only possible to rotate the spure/fir around the vertical axis, which is indeed an improvement compared to the original game.

But I would like to be able to move them around as well.
What would be nice is to have the same behavior as a long loading log, with the possibility to break the tree as well. I don't know if it is possible though...

This is what I mean by the "leaves stretch" :


@MudHappy what did you change exactly in lying_fir_a.xml ?

Okay I found the line to change. It was line n°12 and not n°24 as I previously did. I can lift the fir, pull it, etc... just like the spruce.

It is still not perfect. First, you can't rotate the spruce/fir easily when you crane it. And another think I noticed is : grab your tree in such a way that it is slightly crroked (not perfectly flat). Lift it up and drop it. It will fall normally until it rtouches the ground, and then it will fall slowly. I took a picture while it was falling slowly :

The tree touched the floor and the rest of the fall is slow.

So I guess there is still room for improvement...

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@joemama Now that I think about it, in farming simulator 17 (another game distributed by Focus), they do have that kind of machine.
I don't think we will see that anytime soon, but it's not absolutely impossible either...

alt text

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@minikeum well these are two completely different game engines. this would be something i would figure would be in the next version of the game, if they were to implement things like a tree feller.