Steam Beta Branch Update - Sept 24

Hi everyone,

We're happy to come back to you today with good news! The team has made great progress by working on your feedback and we have a first version of the patch available as a Beta on Steam.

As explained in our latest community update, our priority is to fix the save corruption issues, and the main goal of this Beta version is to double check that the situation has improved in that regard.

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta version of the update deployed in a specific public branch to gather feedback. You may still encounter technical issues on which the team is currently working, but your report will help to bring a clean update faster.

What's in this Beta patch?

  • Overall stability improvement.
  • Improved save system to prevent save corruption as much as possible.
  • Implementation of a back up save system to recover corrupted saves (it might not work for everyone but should help a lot. More info below).
  • Various localization fixes.

How do I play the Beta?

Follow the steps below:

  • In your Steam library, right click on Necromunda: Underhive Wars and go in "properties"
  • In properties, go in the "Betas" tab, and pick "nuhw_live_prereleasebeta" in the dropping menu.
  • Close the properties window, download the update and play.

You can keep your save from the main branch to the Beta branch. And vice versa. Also note that Beta players will only be able to play in multiplayer with other Beta players. Same for the main branch.

We still strongly recommend to back up your saves. You will find them in this folder:
C:\Users[your computer name]\AppData(*)\Local\Necromunda\Saved\SaveGames

The AppData folder is a hidden folder by default. To view this folder:

  1. Open This PC or the File Explorer from the taskbar.
  2. Click on the View tab and tick Hidden items.

How to give Beta feedback?

The goal of this Beta is to confirm the stability improvements. If you encounter any save corruption issue, it is very important that you post a bug report in our official Beta forum or in the Beta channel of our Official Discord. Complete bug-reporting steps are listed here, and we strongly encourage players to follow them, in order to provide the dev team with valuable log files in case you encounter any further crashes.

Beta Known Issues

  • When playing online with 2 or 3 opponents, clicking on "continue" at the end of the game might not redirect to the Hive.

More info about the new save system


To unlock players that have already a corrupted save, the recovery system would try to look into the corrupted save files and rebuild from the ground a new save and gather all meaningful data as much as possible.

The system will try to look through different file saves:

  • It will check the profile save (the one that has all settings and main info about the player)
  • At the moment the profile is recovered, we check the last mission launched by the player
  • It may happen that the Profile would be recovered but not the rest (Gangs, Commander, last mission launched). Please, refer to the next parts of this section.

Story Missions

There are some special conditions that apply to Story Missions. Let's use an example: If a player went up to the Story Mission 08 and gets its saves corrupted, here the 2 options (assuming we're entering in the recovering nominal flow):

  • If we have a pending mission save, the system will tell the player to launch this mission in order to recover the exact progression (he won't have the choice).
  • If we didn't have a pending mission save (the player had no ongoing mission when the profile corrupted), the system will gather the achievements to see the last update of the Story Mission.
    • Currently, we have 3 achievements relative to Story progression : 5 / 10 / 15. We grant the progression in the Story up to the last achievement that was unlocked.


After the recovering, if the player tries to load one of his gangs, it will be displayed as a button saying "Recover Gang". (check the videos linked above).

By clicking on this button, the game will start the Hive and try to recover and read the data of the gang. If it fails, the player will be redirected to the Main Menu (without any feedback yet). If it succeeds, everything is good and the gang will be displayed normally in the Main Menu the next time.

Any ongoing conquest mission for the recovered gang is lost (cancelled). It will be as if it didn't happen. This mission will however start back the next time the user goes in his operation.


If the recovery system fails, we show the possibility to wipe all saves to start fresh and unlock the player.

when can we expect something for consoles? How about working on a full patch and not a fucking beta to use the players as lab rats.

@Kane said in Steam Beta Branch Update - Sept 24:

when can we expect something for consoles? How about working on a full patch and not a fucking beta to use the players as lab rats.

The team is working on the update for all platforms, but launching a Beta isn't accessible here on consoles. The update will follow on console shortly after PC, as soon as it's done with the console certification process.

@Netheos And do we have a rough eta?