corrupted file, wipe of my Gang and reset of the story


Just finish the frist sector whit my Gang and choose for the second one.

Blue screen two times before to lose all my data ( no more gang )

I can not create new gang anymore and play the story mode

What can I do ?
I just have to restart all the way ? Sorry it is not acceptable.

Any solution ?

Happened to me now like 7 times i stopped playing the game been planning to put in a refund request for the game. Because they do not even care to give a comment. Plan to re-invest in another game because if a company cant bother to make a comment what they plan to do to make up for it clearly its not worth the time investing.

I had all the hopes they would but after 3 weeks and no fix no care to even comment it says alot about them as a company.

Hello, sorry to hear that.

Which platform are playing on? If you're on PC, please note we made available the upcoming update on a different steam branch, to gather feedbacks about the solution devs came up with:

It implements a backup system to prevent corruption issues and also recover as much of your corrupted data as possible.

If you would like to try it out, as said in the post, please be sure to save your data before, as it's a beta patch.

We're truly sorry for the inconveniences you issued and please know that we are doing our best to make the game better and more enjoyable.

Had the same issue on ps4. Played 3 gangs on operations and the story. Get crashes and corrupt saves messages frequently but generally would let me continue from last turn or beginning of mission. Not a huge deal. Crash on story mission 11 now won't let me load story or my 3 gangs. Incredible loss starting from scratch. Not sure why story and operation saves are tied together unless some sort of save index file was destroyed.

Also never been able to play a 2nd operation with the same gang. Crashes on infamy screen every time.

PS4 user here.

The same has happened to me as well. The moment I went to normal sector the game crashed and my file became corrupted. I lost my gang and all the infamy points I got from the story mode along with the ones I gained from the operations of my now deleted gang. After so much work and time put into my gang the motivation to continue with this game is draining. I lost count on how many crashes I experienced but I decided to keep playing. What did it for me was when I ran into my first corrupted file that led to all my progress to get erased.

I heard Mordheim had early access in order to work the kinks out. Why didn't y'all do the same with Necromunda? It's incredibly disappointing to have such a great game with promising potential to go down in flames with all these bugs and crashes happening.

Same issue here on PS4 but amazing to hear patch coming to the pc. Hopefully it won’t be much longer before we can get stuck back in on consoles if it works.


Just wanted to ask if the saves game loss issue is fixed on pc will it be long after that rolling out to consoles?

Keep us posted, good luck

Hello, we're beta testing the save corruption fix on PC right now, but the full update will follow on PC soon, and it will arrive on consoles as soon as it's done with the certification process on console.

I've spent hours on the game on my ps4 playing through the story and then creating and customising a gang and playing through my 1st operation to have all my data deleted like so many others, surely this is what beta tests are for!! How on earth can u release a game that is so rediculously broken? I played through occasional crashes expecting a patch but still nothing what are u doing even releasing it like this, I've really enjoyed the game but feel like it's completely pointless even starting it again. What are u doing to remedy this and win back some support from fans?

@Netheos Hello, I am playing or should I say I played on PS4

"I've really enjoyed the game but feel like it's completely pointless even starting it again" Pies is so right there.
1st time i have this feeling to be in front the game but just don't play.

Can you please answer to his question ?

What are u doing to remedy this and win back some support from fans?