Can we plzz have Nighfall in Versus Matchmaking>?


Playing nightfall with the enhanced UE4 graphics and different filters was awesome, "Night Battles," was awesome, and i wish we had the option to play night maps with a day Option, so if the lobby ever gets tired of of it, can vote on day. Thank You.

Push is my favorite mode, but it may or could be available in all modes../. TY

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I used to wish for raid matchmaking, but given how much communication is needed during a raid I don’t see how that is possible. Depending on the fire team members it’s an be frustrating with a clan, let alone matchmaking.
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The more I play this great game, the more I crave PVP night games. I got a taste of it during the night battles game mode sometime during the summer. Every two weeks I eagerly hope night battles comes back, but nope...

"But the gamma setting!1!" I don't play this game competitively, I play for fun, and night time modes with night vision, flash lights, and NVG point shooting is fantastic.

"go play custom games", they don't exist. As long as matchmaking is a thing, the server browser is pretty much useless, especially if you only care to play PVP.

Just throw it into the vote screen to only show up some of the time or something.