Will Story Mode Retroactively Give Infamy?

So I got through 10 Chapters of story mode, as you get 3 Infamy per 5 Chapters, and getting 9 Infamy for it seems like a pretty good deal, especially considering some cosmetics are hidden behind it as well. I decided to make a Gang and play some Operations as a palate cleanser. When I go to the Infamy Screen, it does not have me as having done the Story Mode. Each Infamy Threshold says I've only done 1 mission. Chapter 5 says 1/5, Chapter 10 says 1/10, and Chapter 15 says 1/15. I clearly have the achievement for completing Chapter 10, so the game obviously recognizes that I've done it. I then looked at known issues, and Story Mode not giving Infamy is one of them.

So my question is: Will the Infamy you get for doing Story Mode be given retroactively once that is fixed? Is it based off of the achievement, so that when it's fixed the game will see the achievements are complete and give the Infamy? Or did I waste 8 hours playing through something I'll have to play through again?

I'd like it to be applied retroactively as having played through it once I wouldn't want to have to repeat the experience just to get the infamy points.

The campaign seems to heavily bug up the infamy system if not done in some particular order.... It needs a major overhaul if you ask me and so much stuff that I have already accomplished is still locked.

That said they know about it but also said we cant retroactively get the points back so im afraid the anwser is no 😞

: ( indeed, but thanks for the letting me know.

i've played through the story before making my own gangs.

i've now replayed through the story and still didn't get the infamy. won't play the story again as i didn't really care for it (story itself was really good, the missions were not).