Leveling causes stats to reduce? Not liking Vices

I think it is very counter-intuitive to inflict a penalty on a ganger when they level up. I had finally reached enough experience to level up my gang leaders agility, so I could increase his ranged attack resistance. However, upon leveling my ganger up in agility, I receive a Vice trait that gives me a -5 ranged evasion penalty! I don't understand why I am being punished for trying to level up my toon. I thought improving my characters was the whole point.

I've been playing Mordheim for years and was excited to play Necromunda, and have been going through it with its warts and all. But I honest have to say that having penalties inflicted on my character as a result of leveling them up just plain sucks, and it makes me not want to play the stupid game any more.

I think you are talking about a vice. Its supposed to represent a bad habbit but I agree that some can be a bit much... Or others completly useless. I had a vice on my melee monster that basicly made his disengage cost more. 10 guesses which skill I dont use on him? XD

It doesn't make any sense to include built-in disadvantages into the character progression. Are these guys that powerful that they must be inherently nerfed? I guess I was just "blessed" by getting the exact vice removing all the points I just put into Agility. It was my leader as well, and I had been saving up his XP to improve. It just seems like a lazy mechanic, and I am not sure what benefit it gives to the overall game.

I will state again, this is a stupid game mechanic and really should be removed.

This is all part of the necromunda style of game play, it’s tough in the hive, people get hurt or pick up bad habits.

Some are a bit out of place, but the combat monster loosing the ability to disengage is totally within character

Yeah I don’t think it’s a bad thing they pick up random characteristics, and they shouldn’t all be good.

Just adds to the character and individuality of our gangs and totally fits with the lore and background.

Suggestion: allow a Controlled Memory Wipe to reroll (not remove) a vice, virtue, or talent. With enough money you could roll until you got one that did/didn't matter to you.

I agree they are a little odd and underwhelming. In my opinion a virtue should be clean with slight only-positive passive benefit. A vice should be unstable with both positive and negative effect and a wider swing. A talent should basically be a sixth active skill. Using that system there would be no reason to limit one each and you could have a random distribution of three. Don't use the labels clean and unstable because I stole those from DRG weapon overclock 😅

Have to say I completely agree with Jaynestown that seems like a brilliant use for a controlled memory wipe and would be a good use for credits you end up with lots of.

I think vices are fairly meaningless by the time you get to high levels, kind of like injuries. All stats are maxed out, skills are level 3, so vices only become a slight modifier. 2 random positive and 1 negative with each having the possibility of neutral (melee trait for ranged char) seems ok to me. Higher level purchased fighters come with injuries too. It all adds character when I assume people just min/max by class.

I'd like to add minor upgrades to weapons where adding each upgrade gives higher chance of a perm-jam in the middle of a match, repaired in crew maintenance. 2% damage but 5% perma-jam. 3% damage,10% perma-jam, etc.

Permanent (this battle) jam is a really cool idea. That would give a reason to bring or pickup extra weapons. I wouldn't even mind an "out of ammo" that you can only clear with an inventory item.