The first thing is WTF? 1 new map and a couple of weapons... Are you serious? Ok, game mod - is a good thing but in my point of view, this does not reason proud of the update. Ok, let's talk about it!
Styer AUG: good and balanced weapon but, What the difference between "3x A1 scope" and "3x A3 scope"? Model? For what?
I understand if it was possible to set 2 scopes at the same time, as in Tarkov. Or in some other way use the Picatinny planks at your discretion. But in our case, it's just the extra weight of the game. You have these mechanics with a laser pointer and special grip, why don't use it for the main scope (4x) + additional scope (1x or 1.5x)? And what the bs with G key? Why don't you use the keys combination? for example, RMB is the main scope, and Alt+RMB additional scope mode.
Famas F1: Great weapon, but by what criteria do you distribute points and the price of a particular weapon? Shooting speed? Some weapon types never used because they are very expensive for them.
Next thing: Underbarrel shotgun М26 mass. When You try to make a fast reload (double R) Animation make it with the main weapon.
Other equipment is fine. The map is interesting. Ok, let's talk about game modes.
I understand everything, but can I slightly diversify the tasks? For example, add a hack. One player must sit and break into an object, a safe there, for example, or a PC, while the team must protect the burglar at this time. At the same time, let's say anyone can hack, but the breacher does it faster than others. Or something different of capture, defense, and destroy the point. The simple thing is the evacuation point after hacking. Or destroy some enemies tank that try to kill you too. No need to reinvent the bullet, just look into the same war face and PvE modes. Yes, there all the NPCs are static on the points, but I believe that your team will be able to add a little more variety to the missions in the game.
The last thing, about credits. Please, think of some use for them. Spending loans on clothes doesn't make any sense. But if for these credits you unlock, for example, attachments for weapons, it would be more interesting already at times. Given that the prices, for example, are not 200 credits for a set of scopes, but let's say 250 credits for a scope with a red dot, but a 7x sniper scope is already 1500 or something like that. You can, in principle, turn the same system with a weapon. For free, everyone only has a weapon worth 2 or 3 points, and the rest must be unlocked for credits earned in the mission. This is just an example of how to make the financial system in the game at least a little workable.