Archeotech disappeared and now constant autosave

Platform - Xbox one

Game mode - operations

First bug - during the first archeotech mission during the second operation, the game crashed to dashboard. After reloading the mission all the objectives had disappeared making the mission impossible to complete. After killing all enemies and finishing the looting round the mission is considered a defeat.

Second bug - the next mission loaded the first time but had the permanant autosave logo in the corner. After completing the mission it crashes at the skull forge screen and won't load back to the menu.

Third game breaking bug.... - After a hard reset I am completely unable to load any missions at all, every time it hangs at 25% loaded with an autosave icon.

I won't be starting another gang at this time and would appreciate a time frame for the next patch, this game was not ready for general release. I love the game but won't be beta testing anymore.

I have experienced the same issues and so far the only way to play without the operations auto save bug is to play necromunda completely offline. The gang I started offline is now a few operations in and no issues so far using this method.

Offline method does not work. Eventually the autosave bug will manifest and make that gang unplayable as well.


So, I got around the constant mission loading fails by playing a few games of skirmish and contest. With a mate as no one is playing it anymore...

Then whenever I had the autosave bug id save and exit to menu and close the game, that worked for a while allowing me to finish the operation.

Then the inevitable happened.... Third operation, third mission, the autosave bug happened, I couldn't get the game to load without it and on my fourth attempt to play the game, save is corrupted... 5k gang down the shutter.

To make matters worse I tried to make a new gang and start a new campaign, now as soon as I select my items in the infamy tab, the autosave bug appears.... I can't start a new gang at all... Completely locked out of the game.

I really want to love this game but now I don't think I'll ever come back, it's almost been a month and not a single patch or update.

Developers, if you read this, do something... Anything at all to elevate the issues every single person playing this game is having. Sack your entire QA testing team and replace them immediately. This is beyond a joke, the game is completely broken and from our point of view your doing nothing at all. I wouldn't be surprised if there was a class action lawsuit on the horizon.

Same. Seems to be the way it if for almost all Xbone players. I've tried after completing the story, with all 3 gangs, and on every difficulty. It makes no difference. Sooner or later the game crashes and any infamy I've spent is gone. This is sooo incredibly frustrating and unfun that I've tried to get a refund from Microsoft and they wouldn't give it to me. Compounding the lack of fun is the continued silence from Focus on any time frame for a patch.

This game feels like it was a beta we're playtesting right now.