Thank god, Insurgency: Sandstorm is finally a great game. But am I the only one who is really, really bothered by the way suppressed weapons sound? First, they sound all kind of samey and second (and much worse), they all sound way too much like laser guns from a Star Wars movie or like in a Hollywood movie from the 80ies. Only the AS Val sounds like a suppressed weapon should sound like.

Is this utter lack of realism something the devs already talked about and is a rework already planned?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I am currently testing all weapons on the range. I have to rephrase: ONLY pistols sound like laser guns. While the suppressed ARs sound good, they all sound very, very similar.

Edit2: Sniper rifles and DMRs also have that laser-y, squeaky sound. All SMGs and ARs sound fine.

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