Bug reporting and opinion

Hello there, I'm Polka and I must say this new Outpost mode is a lot of fun! Although I have encounter some issues and I would like to see it fix, and also I would let go some of my opinion on them too

  • Famas
    Famas gun is very good but a little overpower, the firerate is DUMMY high, full auto and just tap a finger is already like 2 - 4 bullet fired, well for me, it is quite powerful already, but the thing here is that the option of "Extended mag" Should be out from PvP, you probably don't want this gun to dominate the battlefiled because of how quick it can kill people with
    - Attachment issues
    From what I know so far is that when I try to put on a Flashlight, the flash light seems to face the wrong way ("This also let me know how the attachment mechanic works too"), would like to see it fix

-Scope issues
On some new guns such as the AUG A3, those new scope surely looks very cool! But sometime when you zoom in and press shift, there is a chance that the scope suddenly disappeared

  • Gamemode Outpost
    Outpost is a lot of fun, a huge improvement from the old Insurgency, except it's not endless, but it is okay, At least something that play can win is already good for players, In the game, I noticed that the loadout point is a bit too low, I suggest that giving the player a few more loadout points could do, at least they can have a gun and a scope, and maybe you can have a little side mission if possible, that can reward a whole player team a loadout point that would be very nice! and it also help force the player from just staying in 1 spot camping the bot, although I don't advice to make the bot to flush the player out, those can prove frustration, just make a little side mission for player to go and do something such as, destroy that enemy cache over there, kill that guy like VIP, something like that! That's my opinion

So far the game looks pretty good, although I would like to see some new features come into the game and make this game more, more like a game, Firstly, maybe more weapon skins for the player! And with that you can create a shop menu in the game, where player can spend those coins they get from level up, something like that! Buy weapon skins to show off, that would be very nice, although, I know, it will take away realism, just give the skin like, Forest DDPAT or something like military pattern skin, that could do, and you can unleash some bundles in the shop to make more money for you, like skin bundles, give player a mask or a new style of shirt! Something like that, Although I advice to make those clothing a bit more, visible, to reduce the chance of player getting advantage over the others.

I hope the developers to add more dynamics to the game, that is, make the movements more sharp, remove the floating mouse and make aiming faster, and snipers, on the contrary, will leave this smoothness and add more weapons. Make the game similar in dynamics to Battlefield, because there the sharpness is made perfectly, I'm sure if Insurgency add such dynamics, it will become better at times, I HOPE SOMEONE WILL READ THIS

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