Lost Infamy

(playing on PC) Lost my infamy points.

Other people have said completing certain Campaign milestone missions triggers this to occur. Unfortunately I was trying out the single player campaign, compelted mission 5 and then after doing mission 6 the game refused to progress at the end and my save game became corrupted so I couldn't load back into the mid-mission save and continue. I din't notice that I'd also lost my Infamy until the next day when deciding not to bother with the campaign anymore as it is obviously pretty broken, I completed an operation with one of my gangs and attmepted to start another.

So I cannot say for certain it was completing the 5th story mission that made it happen, but it seems very plausible. As the bug likely happened the day before I noticed it I can't really provide anything else. Just want to add my voice to the many others complaining about this as it doesn't even appear on the 'known issues' thread when I've found multiple people complaining about it.