I have taken most of the Cadia system. There are chaos ships on areas in the system that cannot
be reached. The blue squiggly lines between systems that appear to determine jump paths are
partly in red, partly white.

No matter where I place my ships, I cannot move to attack these Chaos occupied areas within the Cadia system.
The jump routes do not work. The squiggly line is part red, part white, and Will Not Allow travel.A1 can't travel to nemesis tessera.jpg

When the game announces that I must travel to another system, to complete a mission on Tessera (I can't remember the names of all the things in this game), I am physically UNABLE to move to the jump point, because the route
goes through systems held by chaos, and the "warp line" or whatever it is Does Not Work.

After hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of frustrating grinding play on Easy level,
I get to this point.....and suddenly it is blocked off. A timer, some stupid arbitrary threat level thing goes off
and suddenly GAME OVER.

Makes no sense, is not intuitive, is not fun.

Enemy ships go "blink" and their Fist Number grows....how do I do that?
Says "reinforce" but nothing is EXPLAINED in this game!

Also MASSIVELY CONFUSING ......before a battle there is some kind of button about what order to place ships.
What is that, exactly? HOW in detail is it used? It is NOT intuitive.!

This shows the Jump Line I cannot use, so I cannot get the to gateway to go to the Nemesis Tesseara System:

A1 can't travel to nemesis tessera.jpg ....

A2 cannot Nemesis Tessera.jpg

A3 cannot nemesis tessera.jpg

A6 cannot nemesis.jpg