In game compensation for bugs

I wonder if people who have bought this unplayable bugged version of the game will get any in game compensation?

Currently like many I have the saved game error where I can’t continue campaign. Massive downtime from the game stopping any progression.

I would like to see players offered something like a loot crate with weapons and gear to make up for this missed time.

Does anyone thing we should get on to the company and see if this is possible?

More weapons/gear wont mean much if we cant even play the game without all these bugs and glitches.

Compensating people who lost infamy with some of that at least would lessen the damage abit but aside from that I dont think they cant really offer us ingame that would ease the damage thats beeing caused.

I started manually saving (back up copy) my progress/savegames after the first reset bug. Can not recommend it enough, as my stuff got reset 2 times since, but thankfully I was able to restore it.

On the topic of compensation, I wouldn't expect one, it seems to me that they got A LOT of work on their plate right now.

They need to just focus on the save corrupt stuff and the in ability to start a new operation that's all I want

@thewolfpack backing saves doesent sound like a bad idea. How do you go about this?



I just manually copy the "savegames" file, after I finish a mission for example.

You might have to change some settings in your explorer that you can see hidden files.