You feel bad , when you, who bought heavy armor ,die from 9 mm pew pew in your chest. Maybe developers should add more armor. Like light armor that protects you from 9 mm and class 2 which can hold some 45. ACP
rounds, Also heavy armor that holds 3-4 rifle caliber ammo. I am sick to watch no armor guys that run faster and feel good, because armor gives almost no effect. Situation repeats from Insurgency 2014 there all used the AP ammo and this made armor useless.(Also some kind of Juggernaut armor for 5 eq. points would look good, making you mega slow in aiming moving and turning, but holding 7-8 rifle bullets istead). In counter tou can add some AP pistols like 5.7 and revolvers that can easily kill light armored targets. And AP bulets to PDW that will keep breacher class viable even versus heavy targets, giving this ammo the same penetration power like rifles, but costing same as heavy armor+1.