Pack Cargo Bug "You still have a free space..."

pack cargo bug.jpg

I know. And I dont care, but I cannot pack the cargo. And yes, there IS enough space. 2070 on todays PTS in Lake Covd, PC.

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I actually have this same bug in live server.
Work around:
Detach trailer, pack cargo and then attach trailer.
Atleast that works for me.

I am also running into this and my Off Road Trailers are being blamed but this happens with vanilla trailers. Please fix as thumbs down vote on mods because of game issues suck

ALSO I am having this problem in public server

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Same problem here, except that the game says nothing about free space but instead insists that there's no cargo in slots to pack.. For me, a workaround turned out to be detaching the trailer or loading the trailer first and then i can pack the cargo on the truck no problem, another issue though is that when i can't manually load anything big 4 or 5 point cargo (oversized cargo or any other containers etc...)